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Growth Moisturizing Spray

Growth Moisturizing Spray

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Grow your hair, define your curls while keeping moisture locked in!

Moisturize and refresh your hair with Adovz Growth Spray.

  • Keep your edges laid while growing them
  • Refresh old styles
  • Define your curls
  • Great for twist-outs
  • Let your hair thrive in dry weather

How to use

For Detangling or Styling

First section hair, spray each section lightly as desired until hair is moisturized. Add Adovz Growth Butter to further soften, then detangle or style as desired.

To Refresh Braids/Twists/Dreadlocks

Lightly spray finished hairstyle to add moisture and sheen.

To use as Edge Control

Spray your edges till damp, style as desired, then cover with a scarf for five minutes. Remove and edges are on point!

Spray Ingredients: Flaxseed, biotin, xanthan gum, aloe vera, glycerine, euxyl 9010, vanilla fragrance, aqua (water)

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